Photo by:   Lexia Frank Photography

Photo by: Lexia Frank Photography

Be All End all Package

Our comprehensive event planning package is the Be All End All Package. A Darling Wedding Co ® planner will take you through the entire event planning process, assembling your team of vendors, negotiating pricing, organizing and planning the actual event, providing professional advice and guidance along the way, and handling all questions and issues on the day of the event.  This package alleviates a portion of the work from the bride and the groom and helps achieve an elegant wedding at a reasonable price.

Peace of mind package

Planning an event can be a long and complicated process that can cause unwanted stress on both the bride and the groom. This package is designed to give you piece of mind of knowing that there is a professional helping you through the planning process.  A Darling Wedding Co ® planner help you assemble your team of vendors, organize and plan the actual event, and provide professional advice and guidance along the way. Package includes up to 30 hours of planning time by your planner, to be determined by planner and client. 

event director package

Celebrate your event with complete peace of mind, after so much time, planning and money spent, will you be able to let it go?  If you are like most clients, the answer is no.  The only way to let it go is by entrusting the coordination to a professional, so you can.  With Darling Wedding Co ®, you can be assured your wedding day will go smoothly because our team of event professionals will be behind the scenes managing the vendors and orchestrating the details. To ensure perfect coordination of your event, your Darling Wedding Co ® coordinator will start working with you three weeks prior to your event. 

Sweet Video from Emma and CJ’s 2018 wedding by Mann Frau

Our packages include:

  • You tell us what you want help with

  • We do not limit the types of task we will help with

  • A two person team on your wedding day

  • Unlimited phone calls/texts/emails

  • Vendor referrals

  • Incentives from vendors passed directly to clients